Breeder Finance

CCBC offers term financing up to five years, for financing breeding stock.

  • All Bred cows must be of young age and high quality
  • Maximum amount advanced on cows, bred heifers and cow/calf pairs will be determined at time of finance.
  • Private treaty purchases must be brand inspected and all cattle must be pregnancy checked by a Veterinarian.

Regulations and Fees of the Program

  • Competitive rates and fees.
  • Terms range from one year up to a maximum term of five years
  • One year term, 10 % Deposit required
  • Two to Three years term 15% Deposit required
  • Four to Five year term 20% deposit required
  • Deposit  must be submitted before purchase
  • Calves must be branded annually, BEFORE they go out to grass and inspected by a CCBC or JGL representative.
  • Cows and/or calves must be manifested to “Canadian Cattle Buyers Credit” for your account
  • Payment will be made annually on either the due date or when the calves from the financed cows are sold, whichever occurs first.
  • Payment due dates:  December 1st or June 1st annually.
  • Please fax copy of manifest to CCBC @ 306-692-5733 when cattle are shipped.


Buying and Selling Requirements

  • Purchasing may not take place until Finance application has been approved and necessary documents have been signed and returned to our office.
  • All cattle must be branded with a CCBC registered brand.
  • If cattle are going to be fed in a custom feedlot or on lease pasture that is owned by someone else, CCBC must be notified and a lien waiver must be signed before cattle are purchased.
  • When selling financed cattle, Manifest must be made out to “CCBC for your account”, Box 40, Moose Jaw, Sk S6H 4N7. Please fax a copy of the manifest to our office when cattle are shipped. Fax # 306-624-2377
  • You control the marketing of your inventory. Certain restrictions apply.